For Birdwatchers

  1. Select the tour (every tour has many additional information inside the listing: bird species, language level, accommodation info, photos)
  2. Send the message to the guide with button ‘Ask Guide’. The guide will receive yourmessage to his e-mail.
  3. Continue to order the tour in e-mail.

For Guides

  1. You have to register before the adding of your tour.
  2. Add the tour in English, set price, image and description.
  3. You can add the tour in Russian or Ukrainian language and ask the administrator to translate the tour (payed function) / Вы можете добавить тур на русском или украинском языке и попросить администратора перевести его (платная функция).

Features in development

  1. Conversations inside the website
  2. Ratings/comments of the tours and guides
  3. Secured payments with guarantee for the tour
  4. Featured tours
  5. Search by bird species